Retirement in America is changing

Once all but guaranteed by pensions and retirement plans, comfortable, secure retirements are today increasingly the responsibility of the individual. What’s more, the Great Recession wiped out the savings of many, forcing them to find other means to support themselves as they entered their golden years.

Today, retirement takes all shapes and sizes. From the couple enjoying the adventures and family time they looked forward to the widow struggling to make ends meet, the contemporary retirement experience runs the gamut from the haves to the have-nots. The Changing Face of Retirement offers a snapshot of retirement in America today, reinforced by hard analytical findings. This project provides a realistic perspective of the modern-day retirement experience and emphasizes the importance of individuals taking retirement planning into their own hands. It found that the leading indicator of a secure and comfortable retirement was the development of a diversified savings plan. As you build your retirement nest egg, a Fixed Index Annuity can provide guaranteed income for life and can withstand the volatility of the marketplace.

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