The Best of Both Worlds

How Annuities Offer Income Access AND Guarantees in Retirement

One of the most common misconceptions about annuities is that to guarantee the monthly income payments you forego access to your principle in an emergency or to pass on as an inheritance.  Believing this to be true, people often take their chances on stocks or mutual funds, foregoing the opportunity to secure the guaranteed lifetime monthly payments provided by annuities. What these consumers fail to realize—or the professionals they are working with fail to tell them—is that annuities now have features that allow for much greater flexibility.  Known as a Lifetime Income Rider, this feature guarantees a lifetime income as well as allows retirees to dip into this income, should the need arise.  Of course, if you withdraw a certain percentage of your principal, your future monthly lifetime income payments may be similarly reduced.  Even so, now you have the best of both worlds—the flexibility to access your money should you need to while STILL guaranteeing your retirement income.

There’s no need to make compromises when it comes to your retirement.  Click here to see how others have used annuities to help them get the most out of their retirement.

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