Securing Your Retirement Version of ‘Happily Ever After’

Finances can make or break a relationship. Whether it’s deciding who picks up the check on the first date to who will pay the bills, it’s important to have an open conversation about finances with your partner. When it comes to planning for retirement, the earlier you have the conversation, the better.

Each of you might have your own idea of how to accumulate wealth for those later years. One might want to invest in the stock market; the other might want to put a little bit away in a 401(k).

Retirement saving preferences vary, but couples need to consider that they will be retiring together, and therefore must plan accordingly.  Avoiding the discussion will only cause more problems in the future. Newly retired individuals report the lowest marital satisfaction and highest number of conflicts compared with those who have been retired for a long time or those who are still employed, according to a 2013 Fidelity study.

Consider utilizing a Fixed Indexed Annuity, or FIA, to safeguard a portion of your retirement. An FIA can provide the stability of protecting your nest egg and still give you the opportunity to earn as the market rises. Your principal is protected and will never decline in value due to market downturn.

With FIAs, your money is only taxed at the time of distribution – not before – allowing it to grow tax deferred. The guaranteed income from an FIA could be used to supplement the lifestyle that your and your partner want in your later years – giving you both the peace of mind to enjoy your retirement together.

Learn more about FIAs here.

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