Research Reveals that Annuity Owners Have Higher Retirement Confidence

According to a recent Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) survey of Americans aged 50-66, a majority (53%) of annuity owners are extremely or very confident that they will have adequate income in retirement, compared to less than a third (31%) of non-annuity owners who say the same.

And not only are these consumers more confident, they are also satisfied with their annuity purchases.  A recent LIMRA study found that 83% of fixed indexed annuity buyers reported being satisfied with their annuities and five in six would recommend annuities to others.

So what’s driving people to buy fixed annuities, in particular? Certainly the 2008 crash taught consumers that their foundations are not as sturdy as they once thought.  So in order to regain a sense of stability they are looking for sources that provide some minimum guaranteed income.  In fact, when asked about the intended uses for indexed annuities in another recent LIMRA survey, respondents’ top three responses involved retirement planning, including supplementing Social Security or pension income, accumulating assets for retirement, and receiving guaranteed lifetime income.


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