Indexed Annuities: The Basics

As in life, balance is key for your finances. A diversified plan is essential to help you balance risk with rewards, protection with growth, etc. And in today’s volatile economy, it can be hard to feel balanced while riding the roller coaster stock market.

When considering your plan for retirement, indexed annuities can add balance and give you some peace of mind— no matter what happens on Wall Street.

Here at the IALC, we want to do everything we can to help people like you understand the different product features of indexed annuities so you can feel confident and assured in planning for your retirement. That’s why we’ve created this helpful video that explains the ins and outs of the indexed annuity product to give you the facts without the sales pitch.

Check it out below and be sure to share with family and friends. After all, everyone should feel secure in his or her financial literacy.

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