Fixed Indexed Annuity Riders Made Simple

Unsure if an FIA will fit your retirement plan? In the video Using Annuity Riders in Retirement, personal finance expert and author Laura Adams provides a simple explanation of FIAs and how optional riders can help safeguard your retirement savings.

The video includes easy-to-understand overviews of the following annuity riders:

  1. Nursing Home or Long-Term Care Riders, which allow you to access your annuity funds if you need long-term care either at home or in a nursing facility.
  2. Terminal Illness Riders, which allow you to access your annuity funds immediately without any fees or penalties if you become terminally ill.
  3. Lifetime Income Riders, which provide a guaranteed income stream from your annuity for your entire life.

Laura Adams is a personal finance expert, award-winning author, spokesperson, and host of the top-rated Money Girl podcast. For more information about using FIAs to manage health care costs in retirement, you can read Laura’s latest article on The Huffington Post.  

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