Fixed Indexed Annuities: Getting Better With Age

According to a recent Reuters article “annuities are like flat-screen televisions. They keep getting better and cheaper. As baby boomers move into retirement, the insurance industry keeps improving the quality of retirement-focused products they sell.”

This increased product quality is becoming evident in the sales of fixed indexed annuities, and satisfaction among those that purchase them.  Fixed indexed annuities have become a best-selling annuity product and a recent LIMRA study found that 83% of indexed annuity buyers were satisfied with their annuity purchase, and five in six would recommend annuities to family and friends.

Features like protection from stock market volatility,  the potential for additional interest when the market is up, and added benefits—like the guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefits and long term care benefits—make considering a fixed indexed annuity now or in the future a smart choice.

To learn more about fixed indexed annuities, click here.

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