Don’t put all of your retirement nest egg into just one basket.

If we knew how long we would live and how the economy would perform in the future, planning for retirement would be no sweat. But since no one knows exactly what will happen, a balanced portfolio is the best way to be ready for the financial side of retirement.

An indexed annuity can protect your principal, and all credited interest, from loss during volatile market declines, while giving you some growth when an index rises. And as an insurance product, it can offer you a guaranteed income for life.

But you don’t have to just take our word for it.  Take David Leeper for example.  David is an electrical engineer who recently retired at the age of 62.  And when he goes to sleep at night, he’s not laying awake, worrying about his finances. Instead, he’s thinking about all of the ways he’ll spend his free-time the next day. How did David manage to retire early during such tough economic times? He protected his money from a risky market by diversifying his financial plan with an indexed annuity.

You can learn more about David’s story and how indexed annuities have helped him meet his retirement goals below.

David Leeper

David, a recently retired engineer, talks about shifting his mindset and his money from risk to safety for his retirement nest egg.