Up Your Retirement IQ with These 3 Tips

This week we’re taking a close look at our new research that shows a startlingly low retirement IQ. Specifically, a recent study by the IALC showed 1 in 4 baby boomers have less than $5k saved for retirement.

In order to guarantee a secure and relaxing retirement, staying informed and educated is crucial—and it is not as intimidating as people think. Here are 3 (simple) ways to start saving for retirement:

Begin saving early: Starting early allows you to make small contributions to your retirement and over time, it will add up to a large balance for your retirement savings. Experts estimate that for every six years you wait to get started, it doubles the required monthly savings you’ll need to reach the same level of retirement income.  Take a look at our Saving for Retirement tool, which helps you calculate how much you should put away each month, taking into account your age and retirement goal.

Budget:Include saving for retirement in your monthly reoccurring expenses. This ensures that you are putting something toward your retirement savings each and every month. It takes discipline, but it will pay off in the end. If you’re concerned about having enough income in retirement, products like Fixed Indexed Annuities can help provide balance to your nest egg and can help to incorporate guaranteed lifetime income into your retirement plan.

Contribute to your employer’s retirement plan: Check whether your employer offers savings options like a 401(k) and if they’re willing to match it. Money you allocate to your 401(k) will come from your paycheck, and go directly into your savings. Plus, any money you get from your employer match could be considered free money.  At first you might want that extra money in your paycheck, but saving it will add up. Don’t believe it? Check out our Retirement Income & 401(k) Calculator to see how saving even a tiny amount each month can accumulate and make a big difference years down the road.


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