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What’s the Key to Meeting New Year’s Financial Resolutions? Setting Attainable Goals

According to the 2013 Fidelity Resolutions Study, the number of people making financial resolutions is at an all-time high and almost half of the survey respondents reported achieving over 80% of their financial goals last year. So what is the secret to success? Setting realistic and attainable goals is key to ensuring that you make good on your resolutions long after everyone else has thrown in the towel. Continue reading

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It doesn’t have to be this way

One of the ways that many investors have chosen to add some balance to their financial plans, particularly in risky markets, is to consider a fixed indexed annuity. These products play an important role in a balanced retirement plan by providing principal protection, upside potential, guaranteed interest, and guaranteed income for life. Continue reading

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Does your retirement plan include guaranteed income?

In the face of market volatility, increasingly rare pensions, and a growing concern that they may outlive their retirement savings, consumers are desperate for sources of guaranteed income. As a result, many consumers are turning to annuities. Continue reading

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Index and Variable Annuities: Exploring the similarities and differences

Often times we speak of annuities as though they are all the same products, equally appropriate for all consumers. This is particularly true when discussing index and variable annuities. And it’s true that there are several benefits inherent across all annuities. Continue reading

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