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Increased Life Expectancy Leads to a Decrease in Payout Rates

With current rates being “low,” they may seem befuddled when asked to consider purchasing an annuity. I explain that today’s rates are not low. In fact, I believe these to be the “new” rates—and today’s rates may be the highest rates we could see for a very long time! Continue reading

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Employee Retirement Income Security Act Faces Scrutiny in a Changing Retirement Landscape

A recent Pensions and Liability article on ERISA explored the 40-year history of the law that was supposed to protect consumers, but is now motivating employers to adopt retirement plans providing a less secure future for employees. Continue reading

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4 Savvy Saver Tips

By Ellie Kay, Personal Finance Expert How would you like to live debt free, take vacations and live in a comfortable home? My husband and I were able to dig out of $40K in consumer debt on one military income … Continue reading

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Half-Price Living

Could you live on just half of your current household income? I’ve posed this question to hundreds of families and overall they say learning to live on less could be the ticket to achieving some of their biggest goals, like having one parent stay home with children, or bolstering their savings to pay off consumer debt. Continue reading

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IALC In the News: Is your family putting your finances at risk?

IALC member and President of American Equity, Ron Grensteiner has recently been featured in the news discussing the possible impact that family matters can have on your financial health. Continue reading

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