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The biggest risk to your retirement? Unrealistic expectations.

While many people approaching retirement have actively adjusted their retirement plan to take into account recent economic uncertainty and market volatility, few recognize that an even bigger threat to their retirement nest egg is unrealistic expectations. Continue reading

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Recent Study Shows Americans are $6.8 Trillion Behind Necessary Retirement Savings

Many people across the country are experiencing lifestyle changes due to a lack of sufficient retirement savings. Many lost their jobs in the aftermath of the Great Recession or had not began saving for retirement and their wages have not increased in six years. Continue reading

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Is divorce in your retirement plan?

The retirement landscape that Boomers face is vastly different than that of their parents. Gone are the days of pensions, a career ending in one’s early sixties and growing old with one’s spouse. Now Boomers are faced with possible shortfalls in social security and 401(k)s, longer years in the workforce, and…divorce? Continue reading

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IALC In the News: Is your family putting your finances at risk?

IALC member and President of American Equity, Ron Grensteiner has recently been featured in the news discussing the possible impact that family matters can have on your financial health. Continue reading

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When should you retire?

When is your retirement date? A recent article in the Des Moines Register encourages those looking to answer this question to approach the topic with some flexibility. Rather than counting the days to your 65th birthday, the author of the article, Jim Sandager, recommends that you keep in mind the following considerations, paraphrased below, before setting a steadfast date. Continue reading

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The Upside of Tax Season

Annuities, in particular, are attractive to many consumers from the standpoint of tax deferral because—unlike other tax-deferred accounts, such as 401(k)s and IRAs—the product has no limits on annual contributions. That means you can put away more money for retirement. Continue reading

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