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Employee Retirement Income Security Act Faces Scrutiny in a Changing Retirement Landscape

A recent Pensions and Liability article on ERISA explored the 40-year history of the law that was supposed to protect consumers, but is now motivating employers to adopt retirement plans providing a less secure future for employees. Continue reading

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The biggest risk to your retirement? Unrealistic expectations.

While many people approaching retirement have actively adjusted their retirement plan to take into account recent economic uncertainty and market volatility, few recognize that an even bigger threat to their retirement nest egg is unrealistic expectations. Continue reading

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Does your retirement plan include guaranteed income?

In the face of market volatility, increasingly rare pensions, and a growing concern that they may outlive their retirement savings, consumers are desperate for sources of guaranteed income. As a result, many consumers are turning to annuities. Continue reading

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In Changing Retirement Landscape, Annuities Help Employers and their Employees Meet Financial Goals

Earlier this month, General Motors was at the center of some controversy when the automaker unveiled that it would be converting its pension payment plan for 118,000 salaried retirees as a means of shoring up the company’s finances. The announced plan would offer buyouts to currently retired salaried workers who agree to stop receiving a monthly pension check and opt instead for a lump sum payout or equivalent monthly annuity checks paid out by Prudential Insurance Co. So, where does this leave GM’s retirees? Some have expressed reservations that, in transitioning from pensions to annuity payouts, they stand to lose the security of their payments because annuities are not secured by a federal authority like the FDIC, and will have to forgo cost-of-living adjustments. Continue reading

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Financial State of Baby Boomer Women

A recent story from NBC News reported that Baby Boomer women are one of the least financially prepared population segments in our country right now. According to the AARP, only 10 percent of Boomer women have pensions, and 32 percent have 401ks. What’s more is 40 percent of Baby Boomer women are single and do not want to be dependent on others for financial stability. Many have returned to work … and not by choice. Continue reading

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