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What is your idea of an ideal date with your mate?

On special days, whether it’s an anniversary, Valentine’s, a birthday or the big proposal, we all like to do things for our significant other to make them feel loved. But while buying a beautiful piece of jewelry may make them feel special, creating a mound of debt in the process isn’t ideal. Spending now shouldn’t mean not saving for later. Here are some ways to have a cheap date without being a cheap date. Continue reading

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The New Age of Retirement and How to Prepare: Tips from Kiplinger

An interview on the changing face of retirement with Susan Garland, editor of Kiplinger’s Retirement Report The Indexed Annuity Leadership Council recently sat down with editor of Kiplinger’s Retirement Report @KiplingerRetire, Susan Garland @susanbgarland, to get her perspective on the … Continue reading

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Get a “Money Buddy”

By Ellie Kay, Retirement Expert Many people would rather babysit teething triplets than set up a spending plan for their monthly income. But paying attention to the details in all areas of our finances can mean the difference between financial … Continue reading

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