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When it comes to advising customers, education is a major part of the process.

The IALC is here to help as your partner for educational information and tools on fixed indexed annuities (FIAs). We are dedicated to providing helpful and factual information on how FIAs can fit into a balanced financial plan.

The Changing Face of Retirement:

Click here to get the code to add The Changing Face of Retirement to your website.

Educational Video Series:

We know there is a lot of misinformation out there on FIAs and we appreciate you doing your part for consumer education and setting the story straight. We encourage you to use our video resource for meetings with clients or other professional events in the following approved ways:

  1. You can view the video on the IALC YouTube Channel and are welcome to include this link in any presentations or online channels.
  2. On the YouTube video page, you will see a “Share” button underneath the video player. Click this and you will see a drop down menu.
  3. On the YouTube video page, you will also see an option to add the video to your “Favorite Videos” or “Watch Later” list. You can use these options to add the video to your channel without compromising the licensing agreement.
  4. In the drop down menu, there will be several different buttons that let you share the video out to social networks (like Facebook, Twitter and Google+) or email it to your contacts.
  5. If you would like to add the video to your website or blog, click the “Embed” button. When clicked, it will give you a section of HTML code and different sizing options. You can add this code to your site’s HTML file or copy it into a blog post.

Unfortunately, due to the licensing agreement we have, we can’t allow you to post it without the proper references, so utilizing the above suggestions will ensure compliance.

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